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Jack’d, The Gay Dating App, Raises Awareness of Sexual Harassment Against LGBT Students on Campus At UK Student Pride

“Sexual harassment in the homosexual communities on university and college campuses remains widely underreported,” alleges Alon Rivel, “and its time we strip away the stigma.”  As the Director of Global Marketing for Jack'd, a dating app popular among gay university students worldwide, Rivel will be in London to attend National Student Pride, February 9 - 11.  He says Jack’d has noticed a dramatic rise in the number of harassment complaints and they’re not only from students reporting other students but from students filing complaints against faculty. “The #MeToo movement has given a voice to post millennial gay men who have been subjected to sexual assault.  We want college students to know we hear them and we’re committed to keeping Jack’d as safe as possible for them.”

It’s why he felt it important for Jack’s to have a presence at this year’s Student Pride.  “Our first step is building a platform that empowers and encourages student victims to speak out, but it doesn’t end there.  We’ll be speaking with students at Pride to learn what we, as a company, need to do next.”


Sexual harassment on campus is rampant.  According to a 2015 campus climate survey (, more than half of all student responders said they had been sexually harassed. It’s not only online; it’s happening in both the real and virtual worlds.  Rates of sexual assault and misconduct are highest among undergraduate females and those who identify as queer and transgender.  Of students who cited sexual harassment, 22.2% accused a faculty member.


“Whenever there is a situation where one adult is given authority over another, like a doctor over a patient or a teacher over a student, there is risk that the person in charge may use their power in corruptive ways,” Rivel continues. 


Most incidents of sexual assault and sexual misconduct go unreported.  The survey sites the most common reason is that students do not consider harassment serious enough to report to administration. Other reasons included because students were “embarrassed, ashamed or that it would be too emotionally difficult,” and because they “did not think anything would be done about it.”


Rivel encourages students harassed through Jack’d to report it to their college administration and campus police, or, if, for whatever reason, they don’t feel comfortable going that route, to report it to Jack’d.  “Whatever you do, do not remain silent,” he urges.  He says that when harassment is reported to them, Jack’d starts an immediate investigation.  If allegations are found to be true, the app will take appropriate action to remedy the situation which may include working with universities and local authorities.


Rivel believes that in today’s digital age, dating apps have a responsibility to stop student harassment on its platforms.  “There is a difference between flirting with someone on the app and exerting power over someone in your charge by making unwanted sexual advances or obscene remarks,” he continues.  “Harassment, in all its forms and in both the real and virtual worlds, is not ok.  As gay men, we need to stand together in support of our community’s next generation.”



Mastrioni Launches Unisex Underwear Collection to Support #TimesUp 


This week, Mastrioni issued a statement regarding a new line of underwear to raise money for women's charities on the occasion of International Women's Day:


Mastrioni proudly presents the Rebel Panther Collection, a limited-edition unisex collection to celebrate and support the #TimesUp movement. As a men’s underwear brand, we feel it’s all the more important to stand strong in support of the brave women who have shared their stories and the courageous women who work tirelessly in pursuit of equal rights and in many cases the right to be treated with dignity and respect. All proceeds from this collection will go in support of women’s charities across the world.

Mastrioni is known for being the ultimate men's brand for exclusive underwear so we're sure the unisex range will be one 

to watch!

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