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The Mile High Club: Applications Open

Have you ever boarded a long haul, night flight and thought that while the other passengers are sleeping that you might apply for admission into the mile high club? Have you been flying with a partner, had three seats free, plenty of blankets and an urge you needed to well, satisfy? Or, after one too many of those (free) alcoholic beverages thought that the stranger sitting across from you, who has been giving you subtle hints for half the flight, is an opportunity not too miss? You’re not alone!

Our friends at have compiled a survey of over 11,000 people internationally asking the intimate questions of “sex on a plane, would you like too?” and it turns out that 83% of customers on their site have already or are wanting too joined the club!

They have gone in extreme detail to ensure that they find you the best time of flight, the best aircraft model and, most importantly, statistics of best locations throughout the plane, so you can decide how risky you want to be!

Lets break down the results:

Who was it with?

From all participants, sex happened 18% of the time with a staff member with 14% of the engagements being interrupted! Most people think it is only staff to staff member, but in fact the majority was staff to passenger.

Male, 39, New York, USA: “Flight Attendant spilt a drink on my leg, said sorry I got up and walked to the bathroom. She was hot and gave me the look so I told her I could use some help with my pants and she unzipped me… Next thing I know I have her bent over…”

The highest percentage of the act being performed was by partners/couples but far from the majority at 37% of interviewed participants. 15% were friends on the same flight and surprisingly, 30% of strangers opted to join the club, so if you’re single and travelling alone keep your options open!

Statistically, the toilets were the preferred place to commit the act with it being the most “private” place on the plane and it’s not surprising that 59% of participants chose the cramped space with only 13% being caught. On the seat was the next highest position with 31% of participants finding enough blanket coverage but 14% of them were caught. They were shocked to find that 9% of participants opted for the kitchen/galley with 21% being caught and a few, only 1% crept their way into the cockpit for a quickie but 27% of these were disturbed!

Male, 50, Auckland, New Zealand: “We managed to get three seats for the two of us. After a bit of warming up under the blankets, lay down as if to go to sleep and ended up f##king nice and slowly for a while…”

Some specifics:

· The Boeing 747 was the optimal seating configuration with its 3-4-3 layout

· 68% performed the deed during a night flight as the other passengers are asleep, but a higher percentage of these were caught in the act!

· The international average duration of sex is 16minutes but on a plane the average was sliced to just 10minutes, maybe due to cramped spaces or the fear of getting caught.

· From all the participants questioned a massive 86% made it to membership of the elusive club.

So the next time that you fly and you have not yet collected your membership card, ensure to keep your eyes and options open as there is a chance that you’re not the only one thinking about joining the club…

* Word of caution; it is all fun and games until you get caught and that’s half the fun! But some airline companies do not take lightly to passengers trying their ‘luck’ for club membership. Some even go so far to ban caught passengers from ever flying with the company again. Play it safe in two ways: assess the risk of getting caught, as it is the exciting part, but do not ruin your chances of flying/making it hard for you too fly in the future and always wear a condom!

By Simon-James

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